There are many organisations involved in the promotion of earthen architecture. Some are more active than others, and some local while others international. As I am UK based, there is a seperate UK section, otherwise organisations are grouped by continent.

If you know of any other organisations which should be included, please contact me.


Uni-Terra: Networking education in earthen building

An initiative by DVL, bringing together many academic institutions interested in research and education in earthen building.


International Council on Monuments and Sites, an NGO dedicated to the conservation of the world’s historic monuments and sites


Not an organisation, but an excellent website, run by Ronald Rael which keeps up with current events in the earthen architecture world.



Earth Building UK, a group recently set up to promote earthen building in the UK.


The Devon Earth Building Association exists to promote cob building in the South West of England. Information for owners of historic Cob homes, or those looking to build new cob.


Earth Architecture and Conservation in East Anglia. The site contains a number of technical papers and informatin for those interested in cob and clay lump buildings in East Anglia.

Rest of Europe


Set up in th 1970s by French architects, CRATerre is based at the University of Grenoble, and conducts a wide range of work into earthen architecture. It is home of the UNSECO Chair for Earthen Architecture Research.


German Association for building with Earth. Organisers of the biennial Lehm conference and trade fair.

Centro da Terra

Portuguese Earth building website


Earth Building Assocation of Australia

Excellent website run by the Earth Building Association of Australia, with information about building your own home, standards, photographs and links to other sites.

Earth Building Association of New Zealand

An organisation set up to promote the art and science of Earth building in New Zealand. A good source of information, particularly regarding the New Zealand Earth building standards.


Auroville Earth Centre

Based at Auroshilpam in India, Auroville is the home to the UNESCO chair in Earthen Architecture, and is the BASIN network partner for South East Asia. Auroville hold courses in construction techniques and specialise in disaster resistant buildings.

North America

A group of rammed earth builders in North America offering construction and courses.