In October 2008 I attended the Lehm 2008 conference in Koblenz, Germany. This was a fantastic conference and we got to see many interesting rammed earth buildings in Western Germany.

We visited the towns of Limburg and Weilburg, looking at historic Half-timbered and rammed earth houses.

Weilburg is famous in the rammed earth world for havinga 7 storey rammed earth building. This structure, built on to the hillside, is seven storeys at the back and four storeys at the front. The building was constructed in 1828, and is still used today.

Weilburg is home to a number of rammed earth houses, with a row of detacthed rammed earth houses on the centre of the town, and isolated buildings dotted around. The buildings are documented in the pamplet Der Pise Bau zu Weilburg an der Lahn’ by Wilhelm Schick, published in 1987. He describes 22 houses around Weilburg which are rammed earth, all surviving to the present day.

The main propent of rammed earth building in German seems to be W J Wimpf, who wrote a pamplet Der Pise Bau (Rammed earth) in 1841.

Haus Rath, the tallest rammed earth building in Germany

The oldest rammed earth house in Weilburg

At the conference I presented a poster

Development and spread of the rammed earth technique