Rammed earth in Bhutan

Bhutan is a Buddhist country


In October 2010 I was invited to take part in a conference in Bhutan. The conference brought together a team of international experts in Earth Building, disaster management and post disaster reconstruction to help parts of Bhutan rebuild after earthquakes and flooding in the region.

Rammed earth is a traditional building technique in Bhutan, with many homes and parts of some monasteries built using the technique. The group visited a damaged rammed earth building outside of Part and were able to view the construction techniques.

There are strict rules for architecture in Bhutan and every building must adhere to the building rules of Bhutan, for example every building must have traditional decorated eaves. Traditionally there are built with carved timber, but more recently they are built using precast concrete.

I visited the offices of a Bhutanese engineering design company run by Mr Jiwan XXX which was arranged by Mr XXX Most modern construction in Bhutan is insitu concrete, but some rammedearth is used in traditional construction.

The group found a traditional construction building site where we found the

The traditional architecture of Bhutanese rammed earth houses has open timber roofs resting on the rammed earth walls. The bulidings are four storeys high.

The central market in Paro has been constructed in rammed earth, but has been rendered in cement, it is easy to see that the cement render has not stuck to the rammed earth, and will come off.