NAREBA : North American Rammed Earth Builders Association

NAREBA’s mission is to promote the use of Rammed Earth as a building material and method. We strive for the free flow of information among members, to be a center for reliable information for interested professionals and the general public, establish a comprehensive research and development program, define and enforce high building standards, and teach rammed earth building methods.

NAREBA is a not-for-profit entity which offers the opportunity for its members to share in the passion for working with earthen materials and to contribute to the advancement of rammed earth construction.

NAREBA builders share a resource base of over 150 years of collective building experience and have committed to building RE walls with the highest standards in the industry.


1 thought on “NAREBA : North American Rammed Earth Builders Association

  1. I am a university lecturer in one of the Nigerian universities of technology. Am presently researching into ways of optimising the use of some local additives to stabilize earth for improved strength and moisture resistance. I will be glad to register as one of your members.

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